Levana Oma Clip-On Baby Movement Monitor Review

Oma Baby Movement Monitor Review   New moms get super stressed about everything… I know from personal experience. When my beautiful little guy was born, I could barely stand leaving him alone for even a moment. I was overly concerned. When I found out about the Oma baby monitor, I was super happy to review it. Why? Levana is bringing new moms (and dads) added peace of mind with their… more

aldi grocery shopping review

Save Big Money at Aldi

Hey guys!   I just wanted to share a tip with y'all. One word: ALDI.   Do you have one in your neck of the woods? I've been shopping at Aldi for over a year now and I'm in love. Seriously. This is a totally unprovoked review.   Sure, they make you use a quarter to get a shopping cart (you get it back when you return it). Why do… more


CapriClear Fractionated Coconut Oil Spray

by Hannah Walton aka The Cheapskate Mom   Spring is almost here – yay! The one drawback though, is that winter takes a toll on our skin and it's time to get serious about getting moisturized. I suffer from psoriasis, so my skin ends up extra dry. When CapriClear reached out to find out if I wanted to try their products, I was absolutely excited. I love natural bath and… more


800razors.com Rocks – Affordable & Quality Razors

by Hannah Walton aka The Cheapskate Mom   OH BOY. This is both a review and a rant. I had the opportunity to review 800razors.com – and I'm super glad I did. I've been struggling to find affordable razors for years. If you're a cheapskate like me, you can buy the super generic ones that don't do the world's most awesome job (and feel kind of like prison – to… more


Don’t Cheap Out on Hope

If you're reading this, you're probably not rich and famous. That's cool, because neither am I. I'm a cheapskate by neccesity, to be completely honest. If I could, I'd live in a million dollar home and drive a BMW (well – maybe). That's just not my life, though, and it's probably not your either. Just because we're not rich, doesn't mean our lives can't be as meaningful and complete as… more


My MedCenter Review

by Hannah Walton AKA The Cheapskate Mom As a total health nut (as you may know), I was so excited to review the MedCenter System!! As a mom to the world's busiest toddler, reviewing a product that saves me TIME is crucial. I take a lot of vitamins each day – and to be honest, I need to stay organized in a big way. Lucky for me – the MedCenter… more


Cheap Valentine’s Day Date & Gift Ideas

by Hannah Walton Hey Guys! This year's Valentine celebration is going to be super duper last minute. Thanks to my awesome fans on Facebook, I was able to come up with some really cool ideas that' I'm excited to share – especially if you're like me and have been too overwhelemed to give St.  Nick's day too much focus this year. Let's take a look at some great – and… more

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