5 Unusual Ways to Save Money $


han.jpgby Hannah Walton
aka The Cheapskate Mom


In my unending quest to save some money, I travel the cheapskate roads both high and far to find good money-saving ideas.  There's (almost) nothing too cheap for me to try, though it won't always result in a major lifestyle change for me. Having found all this info on saving money, and having lived as a family on one modest salary for a few years now, I've definatelywallet found a few odd ways of saving some dough. Here's a little list!


Offbeat Money Saving Idea 1. Make Your Own Make-Up

Yes, it's true. You can make yer own darn makeup. Nope, I don't do it. Why? I'm too much of a diy-pizza-dough-3make-up addicted cakeface to venture into this homemade territory. That being said, the science of it seems pretty cool (and simple/non-toxic). Got cornstarch? Got food coloring? Got microwave? I'm happy to share a link on making yer own own makeup - and a request: if anyone tries this at home, please tell me ALL about it !


Offbeat Money Saving Idea  2. Make Your Own Cat Litter


Too lazy to do this one. Having three cats, I've thought about it a hundred times, but again: too lazy. The process seems simple – baking soda. paper. paper shredder. water. drying. It's super free and super natural. Here's a recipe for you non-lazy cat lovers out there.


Offbeat Money Saving Idea 3. Go to Coffee Shops on Sundays for Extra Coupon Inserts


coffee-bath-saltsIf you coupon, and who doesn't at least a bit these days, you can score free coupons by stalking coffee shops on Sunday mornings (that's when the new coupons come out in the newspaper for the week). I haven't actually tried this – too lazy/socially anxious – but! – people swear by it.


Offbeat Money Saving Idea 4. Wash Your Plastic Sandwich Bags


Many, many people out there rewash their plastic lunch bags: so many people that they've invented an app for it. Okay, not an app – but a helpful device for your dishwasher called the Washy Wonder – Check it out.


Offbeat Money Saving Idea 5. Buy Re-usable Trash Bags


Too OCD to really do this, but I LOVE the idea because trash bags are super expensive in my neck of the woods. I just can't find a good deal on 'em. I've seen lots of different reusable trash bags for sale on Etsy but here's a link for a web company that makes them too!



  1. Bev @ The Make Your Own Zone August 30, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    I used to wash out my ziploc bags, but then got tired of the hassle. And I’ve actually made my own bronzer so I guess I’ve kind of made my own make up! And I as much as I like making my own stuff, I don’t know if I would ever be up for making my own cat litter either.

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