Altoids Tin Projects Fun


by Hannah Walton aka The Cheapskate Mom

I love Altoids : minty, refreshing, natural and the perfect cure to bad breath – they also come in a great reusable tin box. I have always hated tossing out my altoid tins but I've never quite known how to best use them. Lucky for me, a few brilliant minds out there in the blogosphere came up with some incredible ideas for reusing altoid tins and making them into crafts and they were nice enough to let me share with you. They should all get together and write an Altoid Tin Craft book… it would be eye candy for hours!


Make an Altoid Tin Mini First Aid Kit
Small, waterproof, durable ….. who knew that altoid tins make the perfect box for a mini first aid kit for families on the go? Pack it for your next trip to the beach – keep one in the car – send one with the kids to camp. This idea from Pass the Cereal rocks. Read More…




Make An Altoid Tin Coloring Kit
As a long time waitress, I know the pain parents face when their server tells them they don't have any crayons to give out. Solve that problem by using your empty altoid tins to make lots of mini coloring kits with this great idea from A Girl and a Glue Gun. Keep them in the car and you'll never have to be afraid of restaurant boredom again! Read More…

Altoid Advent Calender
This might be the coolest advent calender known to man, thanks to The Sassy Crafter. Use your empty altoid tins to make little present boxes the kids will long to open all December long. Pure brilliance. Read More…






Altoid Tin Watercolor Kit
Have an artist in the family? This is an awesome gift – and would be absolutely perfect as a favor for an art themed birthday party! This clever idea is from The Art of Zan Barrage - fun and function at their best. Read More…





Altoid Tin Message Board
Have a bunch of altoid tins you're itching to burn? Never fear- The 3 R's Blog is here with a solution: make an incredible magnetic message/cork board. Paint it – and admire the style. Read More…


Altoid Tin Storage
Crafty Rose over at Projectville came up with six brilliant and simple ways to get some storage bang out of your Altoid buck! Read More…



  1. I love these tins; they are hard to throw away…I just want to make something with them but never know what! Now I have some ideas, thanks!

    • ¬†Thanks Upcycled ! I know – it’s so difficult to throw these away. Altoid tins would also be fun to hide for a treasure or Easter Egg hunt….the possibilities are endless and someone really needs to publish a book about this :)

  2. This is a neat article on how to make them look embossed instead of keeping the original look –

    • ¬†Thank you, lemni – that’s a wonderful tip and would be great to apply to the advent project. I’m thinking I’ll hit up my freecycle group for altoid tins and make a few of those as presents for family this year!

  3. Wow there are lots of things to do with the tins, I usually get gum but now I will reconsider =]

  4. I purposefully buy altoids and stick them in another container so i can make stuff out of the tins…..i have a habit of making mini suitcases out of them

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