Baby Formula Storage Containers

Frugal Ways To Stretch The Life of Powder Similac and Enfamil Containers !
by Hannah Walton aka The Cheapskate Mom

Although I know formula is not the most frugal way to go when feeding a baby, for us, there was no other option due to an extreme lactose intolerance. I do use formula coupons whenever possible, though I am having trouble finding them so if anyone has any advice, please let me know. 

Because we are using baby formula, we are accumulating masses of powdered formula containers that I just haven't known what to do with – especially as I use this powdered formula dispenser  – so I'm not even using the containers at all :(

I took to the internet to find some wonderful ideas of how to use all of these Similac and Enfamil formula storage containers I have piling up in the kitchen! Below are some awesome ideas I found* !

This incredible idea comes from I Can Find The Time - what a wonderful idea to decorate formula containers and use for whatever storage you need! I could see these for a playroom small toys storage , to match a bathroom theme, or even to look pretty on a shelf in the living room to hide not so pretty things!



If you are like me and drink a lot of coffee, this next project from Serendipity and Spice is for you! Turn an old formula storage container into a pretty coffee storage container! I know I am going to be doing this – when I can find the time :) !





I am absolutely in love with this next idea from SimpleMomTips – what a brilliant way to keep loose chalk together and dust free – this saves money because when you keep your chalk together and know where it is then you don't have to buy more!!



Meant to be Mom has a wonderful page full of great ideas – like using a formula storage container for a baby diaper changing kit or kids first aid kit on the go!



Another very frugal and awesome idea I had to try is  using these containers to store holiday cookies – I am totally going to save up a ton of containers and give cookies as gifts this christmas! Yay!




* All photographs have been used with permission!