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Become Financially Fit
by Jeremiah Brown of Finance Yoga : Stretch Your Finances

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Like your physical fitness, your finances should also be in good shape, let me explain. By being physically fit, you feel better about yourself and are able to be more productive with everything you do. The same principal applies to becoming financially fit. So now what?

Create Goals

Creating goals is the first thing I think anyone should do when trying to achieve financial fitness. Create short term and long term goals so you know where you are going.

Transform Your Mind

You absolutely have to transform the way you think about everything financial. Now that you have goals set up, you have to think differently when it comes to spending or saving. A few easy ways (or financial yoga positions) for you to get started doing this are to:

  • Compare the “Per-Unit” price on everything you buy
  • Buy non-perishable items online via ebates or befrugal to get cash back
  • Switch to PerkStreet Checking for 0 fees and cash back on everything
  • Spend less than what you make
  • Giving / Tithing
  • Pay yourself first and everything else second (yes, even your bills)

The more of this that is incorporated into your daily routine(s), the more you get use to this new lifestyle as it will become second nature. You will even think of other ways to save your money and manage it wisely as you progress.

Track Your Expenses

There are hundreds of ways for you to accomplish this goal. Personally, I like to use a mobile app on my phone called ClearCheck (available for both android and apple products). ClearCheck is a free software for almost any mobile device (android phones, iPhones, tablets) and automatically sync’s between devices. This way you and your spouse can track expenses together or you can simply have access to your checkbook register on any device you like, including your computer. Click this link to find out more about tracking your expenses.

Keep On Keeping On

No matter where you are in your financial fitness (beginner, intermediate, expert etc.), you always have room for improvement. When you make mistakes or trip up in some form of your finances (let me exemplify WHEN), simply get back on the horse and learn from your mistakes. You may even do the same thing again, but if you give up, you will never achieve greatness. The good news is that each time should be a little bit easier.

“Can’t never did a thing” – Unknown


I challenge you to take charge of your personal finances by starting with these basic principals TODAY. You only live once, so make your money work for you instead of the other way around. By doing these simple steps, you can transform your current situation and truly become financially fit.


 photograph of the finance yoga for financial adviceJeremiah Brown is happily married, proud father of one and the author and founder of, In his spare time he enjoys fishing from his kayak whenever possible as well as playing guitar. Jeremiah loves to find new ways to save and helping others to become financially fit by sharing everything he knows with his readers.



  1. I keep seeing people talking about saving by converting dollars to units. I may have to do a psychological experiment on myself using it.

    • Yes, Femme! It’s something I’ve read about and I do it SOMETIMES but after reading Jeremiah’s article I’m going to be doing it all the time!! :)

      • You will be UBER SURPRISED at the savings you will find by doing this. Sams Club is a prime example. Most of the items they sell are in large quantities, however, they are usually the same price (if not more) as a smaller quantity package you could buy at other department stores. This is one VERY simple way of “Stretching your money” that I save money with every time I shop. After a little while, it becomes second nature to you.

        • thecheapskatemom April 24, 2012 at 3:33 pm

          Thanks so much – this is very helpful to me as the husband and I have started doing most of our produce shopping at BJ’s wholesale. I’ve been a little concerned as I don’t always know if I’m getting the best price. Now I will know!

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