Frugal Gifts For Graduation


Graduation Present Ideas You Can Make
by Hannah Walton aka The Cheapskate Mom

It's kindergarten, high school and college graduation season again …. and this year, my sister is graduation from college. Way to go, chica! This means I'm hunting for good graduation presents….  I'm on an (almost) extreme cheapskate budget though and I can't afford to buy that much! Luckily for me, my sister is the kind of gal who actually appreciates and even prefers a handmade gift (she spent the past year in Vietnam helping artisans market their wares).  I took to the web and found and some wonderful and unique ideas for grad gifts you can make *.

For the Kindergarten Graduate:
You need to start young for this, but it's so cute!
Denise over at A Sprinkle of This…. shares one of the sweetest and most meaningful gifts I've ever heard of. Really – you buy Oh The Places You'll Go – and starting with kindergarten, have the teacher write a note in a page each year. Denise is awesome so she also included a free printable tag in her post. Check it all out here!




For the High School Graduate:
I love the simplicity and timelessness of this piece from Amanda over at Crafts by Amanda. Using an old chunk of wood, card stock, and the all important senior photo, Amanda made her daughter's friend a gift she will always cherish.  It's beautiful – and I was even thinking it would be cute to add a clock element (i've done this before, it's about $5.00 at a craft store and so easy to do) to it for even more "timelessness". Read all about it here.



For the College Graduate:
I absolutely love how easy, frugal and stylish Jen from Upcycled Education has made her subway art graduation gift. I think this is the one I'm going to go with for my sister – I'm going to customize the tassel colors to her college colors. I just love it. Read all about it here.




* All images and links have been included with express one time permission from authors.



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