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Teacher Appreciation Gifts Your Wallet Will Love
by Hannah Walton aka The Cheapskate Mom


With the end of the school year coming right up, it's that time of the year again …. teacher appreciation gifts.  Time for us parents and students to take a moment and thank the teachers who have helped our child grow, learn and play. It's a wonderful tradition to teach our children about the value of appreciating and thanking the people who make a difference in our lives. That being said – gifts for teachers can seem too expensive for cheapskate moms and dads who are on tight budgets. In putting together what I consider the best of the best teacher gift ideas, I thought a lot about what we can create with materials we probably already have in our homes. I also thought a lot about style and quality. I hope you like what I dug up for you – I am also thinking the crayon picture frames would make awesome gifts for grandmas on Mother's Day.


Andrea over at Strawberry Chic made an absolutely stunning pencil holder with found wood from a river bank. This pencil holder is so stunning that I think she should sell it at Uncommon Goods! It would make the perfect gift for a special art teacher. Read all about it at Strawberry Chic!




32 Crayons, A Knife, A Glue Gun, and A Frame -The CEO of Organized Chaos brings you this neat frame idea that looks like a relatively straightforward end of the year gift to make for an elementary school teacher.  It's fun, it's original and it's cheap … A+! Read all about it at Organized Chaos!




This one is from Peaches over at Positively Peaches….Now, I have to say – this is a gift a teacher will keep forever. It's beautiful, it's personal, and it will look great on the wall behind the teacher's desk. Imagine your child visiting their former teacher years later and seeing this awesome gift still hanging up? Because it will be. Read all about it at Positively Peaches !





Over at I Can Teach My Child, this incredible wreath is sure to be the talk of parents and teachers for years – I can hear it now, "Mrs. G's class – the one with the crayon wreath on the door". This project is simple and stunning – and might make a few teachers envious they didn't get YOU as a parent!Read all about it at I Can Teach My Child!




This awesome pen holder/vase from Amanda's Parties TO GO is sure to be useful to your favorite teacher whether they keep it on their desk or take it home. I love how cheerful all of the yellow pencils look and I especially love how simple this gift is to make for us over-extended moms with big hearts and no spare time. Read all about it at Amanda's Parties TO GO !


While searching high and low for these awesome ideas, a few folks mentioned that a personal thank you letter in lieu of a gift goes a long way to show teachers your gratitude (since my husband is a teacher, I can personally attest to this one). Another person suggested a group of parents go in on a gift together (I really like this one because in this economy , a gift certificate to a practical store like Wal Mart or Whole Foods can be a nice end of the year bonus for a cash strapped teacher – couple it with personal letters from the parents and you've got a class act.

* All links and photos have been used with permission from authors.


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