Cheap Homemade Bathroom Crafts


Homemade Bathroom Crafts
by Hannah Walton aka The Cheapskate Mom

Today, I'm talking about homemade, diy and SIMPLE bathroom crafts and projects.

I love having a pretty and well stocked bathroom – it's a place to get clean and relax in a tub after a hard day. Being on such a tight budget – I went to extremes and started using bar soap and taking quick showers. I am now reevaluating a bit – and looking to reclaim the bathroom – albeit on a cheapskate's budget. I found some exciting ideas to make the bathroom more inviting and relaxing and I couldn't wait to share them!

Make Your Own Homemade Mason Jar Body Wash
Distilled Water + Glycerin + Grated Soap = Homemade Body Wash in Mason Jars! Bethy over at Living, Laughing, Loving, Learning found a recipe for homemade body wash with only three basic ingredients, made it, and used mason jars to store it (frugal and stylish – go Betsy!).  I see a lot of money saving potential in this recipe – I also like how you can play around with food coloring and essential oils to totally customize this too :)  Read more…


Make Your Own Easy Peasy Retro Shower Cap
Did you know that if you have vinyl, elastic and a sewing machine you could have a shower cap? I didn't either until I found this awesome tutorial from Home Sweet Homebodies and fell in love. I wish I knew how to sew because this tutorial is just so clear and easy to follow.  Pair this shower cap with the homemade mason jar body wash = heavenly, classy gift. Read more…


Make Your Own Shower Curtain
OMG – how I wish I had known about this all those times I either bought cheap vinyl shower curtains or nicer cloth ones. I could have had a shower curtain I liked far more for half the price :( Thanks to S.A.S Interiors, I now have the know-how to have perfectly matching, inexpensive shower curtains for the rest of my life. Thanks, Jenna. Read more…



Make Your Own Hand Soap
I wash my hands a lot – especially with having a baby around – and I have to admit I find the scent of a good hand soap kind of invigorating – which is why I was very excited to find this easy tutorial from Savvy Housekeeping. Cheap, make your own scents – perfect for all of us out there in frugal land! Read more ….

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