I Can’t Believe It’s A Tissue Box : RePurpose & Reuse


by Hannah Walton aka The Cheapskate Mom

 Tissue boxes are trash – pure and simple. As a cheapskate, I hate throwing out stuff if I can find an alternate and useful purpose that will save me money down the road. I never thought about the possibility of reusing Kleenex boxes before – I mean – they really seem like they only serve one purpose. Boy, was I wrong. There's a whole world out there full of alternate tissue box ideas.

Therefore, I'm excited to discover all kinds of wonderful ways to reuse tissue boxes – I always thought they were trash and tried to recycle these boxes when I could.

Be sure to check out my pinterest board of tissue box ideas as well!

1. Tissue Box Plastic Bag Dispenser
Stuff a kleenex box with plastic bags for a very easy to use plastic bag dispenser. I use this at our diaper changing station to wrap smelly diapers in bags and it makes life a lot easier for us!

2. Tissue Box Bill Keeper
Looking for a convienent place to put important bills so you don't forget them? Look no further than the kleenex tissue box on your desk… easy, cheap and quick way to get a bit more organized. Love it.

3.  Tissue Box Seed Planter
Need a bio-degradable seed starter? Use a kleenex box! Fill with soil and plant your seeds. Later, take your kleenex box and plant it. The kiddos will LOVE this.

4. Tissue Building Block Toys
Kleenex boxes = great big, light-weight blocks for kids to play with. Cover with paper or don't – easy, cheap, and fun!

5. Tissue Box Guitar
I think we used to make these in girl scout camp back in da day – :) and I think they kinda worked. Any who, kids whill have fun making these and putting on a concert for you – hey : how loud can a kleenex box be anyway?!

6. Tissue Box Post Cards
Armed with scissors and a pretty looking kleenex box, you can easily make postcards to mail to folks – great way to recycle tissue boxes :) !

7. Tissue Box Traffic Light
Looking for a fun decoration or toy to make? Tissue box traffic lights are to the rescue :) All you need is a tissue box, tissue paper, paper towel or toilet paper rolls and some glue! Easy and fun – these are a great project to make with kids on a rainy, glum afternoon!

8.Tissue Desk or Car Trash Can
Tissue boxes make a great quick fix trash can for your desk or car : fill and dispose. Then repeat with the next tissue box. Not bad.

9. Tissue Storage Box
Check out this awesome tutorial from Southern Flair Crafts on upcycling a kleenex box into a beautiful storage bin. I'm going to have to try this one A.S.A.T (as soon as i get time…. maybe in 10 years :) )…..



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