Kate Quinn Organics HUGE SALE ALERT


As many of you already know, I've been on a hiatus while I've been struggling to take on freelance web projects to help pay the bills. I have a lot of new personal insights on being a cheapskate, making money from close-to-nothing and perserverence coming your way soon :)

summerA good sale has awoken me from my slumber, though! In Be sure to check out the incredble $10 sale at Kate Quinn Organics! What other time can you purchase a beautiful organic recieving blanket for $10? They have items at great stock-up prices so now would be the time to pick up an elegant baby gift for the next baby on the way (and you know: there are always more babies on the way!).

Check it out :)



  1. Ooohh good luck with everything! And what a great find!

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