A Frugal & Diy Baby Nursery


by Hannah Walton aka The Cheapskate Mom

Part One: new (mini) series – the frugal & diy baby nursery:

A few years ago I visited my friend Angie, an incredibly resourceful and strong single parent who never ever left a penny unturned. Her home was beautiful and her son's room looked like it was right out of a catalog… I said, "Angie – this is the cutest room for a little guy I've ever seen!" She said, "It cost me thirty dollars for the decorations". I looked at the custom-ordered looking framed baseball shirt print with her son's name on it and said, "There's no way…..!". She said, "Honey, I copied everything right out of Pottery Barn kids and did it myself".

So, who says having a comfy, cute place for baby has to break the bank? why not take your savings to the bank and put it into a college tuition fund?

first and foremost - this article is a quick little read to remind us of what we do and don't need when we outfit our nursery!

today's cute frugal nursery finds are:

Diy baby clothesline : – love this one. so cute – so frugal – so simple for the overtired mums out there like me – i might have to try this one…if I do, I'll be sure to post the results! I already have so many cute little outfits that baby J. has outgrown!!

Famed baby name art: is completely adorable and looks like it would be a fairly straightforward undertaking. The Frugal with a flourish blog has a complete tutorial for you!

Paint Chip Baby Mobile:  I have a little boy, and I'm thinking blue and orange chips would ROCK. The thing I love most about this – other than the super duper clean and modern look – is that paint chips are FREE. yee-haw (to be a dork about it!). UMmmmm I also think I may need to start a new category called paint chip crafts…… (to be even dorkier).

To be continued…..Thanks for reading – that's all for now, folks !


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